Our people, your assets.

The Company

Linferd & Company, Inc.’s clients are treated as family. We go the extra mile to guarantee that we are one with your company’s objectives. We do not just record your transactions and maintain your books of accounts. We provide you with analysis as well.

Linferd & Company, Inc. provides personalized service, a trait that distinctly separates us from other contractual providers.

Though not engaged in practice of profession, we only employ and deploy qualified and seasoned professionals who are experts in their fields of competency to provide the exact solution to your company’s specific needs. We will always have back-up manpower complement in the event of temporary emergencies, such as childbirth, prolonged hospitalization, accidents and the like to ensure continuity of our services.

Partnering with us assures you of our staff productivity from day one, thus avoiding lengthy training periods and learning curves if your company is to do the procedures itself.