About Linferd & Company, Inc.

The Company

Officially established in 2010, Linferd & Company, Inc. was founded by married CPAs Ferdinand E. Manto and Melinda Gonzales-Manto. Still on the go, having the passion for accounting and the global market, they decided to continue their ultimate goal of being of service to the community and to the country, albeit not involved in the practice of profession. With the knowledge that the Business Process Outsourcing industry is a booming business, they decided to jump on the BPO bandwagon and provide service to others who knew little of the trade they came to love.


Linferd & Company, Inc. creates a world where small and big corporations can expect more from their accountants and bookkeepers. The accountants and bookkeepers of any corporation are an integral part of its financial decision-making process.


Linferd & Company, Inc.’s goal is to elevate the reputation of accountants and bookkeepers all over the globe. Being an accountant or bookkeeper does not simply mean encoding numbers and data. These positions are instrumental in making management see and appreciate an in-depth analysis of what the books of accounts show and what can be done to maximize the results.

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