What we can do for you

The Company

At Linferd & Company, Inc., we have a wide array of services that can replace a huge team that occupies your office space.


• Perform bookkeeping and general accounting functions for your company. This will trim down    your staff requirement and relieve you of the problems associated with it.

• Do the accounting services for your new locations, new branches and/or expansion projects.    This will eliminate the need to hire new employees and/or assigning present staff to other    locations that may create backlog in their present assignments.

Updating of your books of accounts

• Assist in updating your books of accounts should there be any backlog in this regard.

Statutory registration / filing

• Assist in registering your company with the following government agencies:
      » Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
      » Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
      » Municipality where the initial store will be located
      » Social Security System
      » Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
      » Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-ibig)

• Assist in the annual renewal of the following:
      » Municipal licenses, business permits and other local government permits
      » Barangay clearance
      » Community tax certificate
      » Annual BIR registration

• Assist in the preparation and filing of the following:
      » Monthly taxes withheld on payments subject to creditable withholding taxes
      » Monthly and quarterly value added tax (VAT) returns
      » Summary alpha list of withholding agents of income payments subjected
         to tax withheld at source (SAWT)
      » Monthly alpha list of payees (MAP) whose income received has been
         subjected to withholding tax
      » Quarterly income tax return

Annual registration of the books of accounts

• Assist in the registration of your books of accounts, such as general ledger, general journal,    cash receipts book, etc., with the BIR.

• Assist in the registration of loose-leaf books of accounts with the BIR.

Finance advisory

• Act as your company’s external Finance Director / Controller in analyzing financial reports and    implementing policies and procedures related to finance and accounting department and in    making sure that required financial reports are submitted to top management on a timely basis.

Internal auditing

• Act as your “deemed” internal auditor to help ensure that prescribed internal control procedures    to safeguard your company’s assets are properly implemented.

Other services

• Perform special services for specific needs and concerns, such as, but not limited to, bank    reconciliations, verification of cash transactions against bank balances, inventory evaluation    and/or reconciliation, preparation of schedules for external auditors, etc.